20+ Significant things to do after installing WordPress

You should never miss updating/changing these settings soon after installing wordpress

Significant WordPress Settings to change after installing WordPress

1. Change the title, time zone, and favicon

2. Delete default posts, page, plugins & comments

3. Customize permalink structure

4. Set up discussion/comments settings for your wordpress blog

5. Configure reading settings

6. Update Ping List

7. Delete unused theme(s)

8. WordPress Media settings

9. Install Cache Plugin to speed up your blog

10. Improving WordPress Security

11. Install an Anti-spam plugin

12. Install an SEO wordpress plugin

13. Install social media sharing plugins

14. Enable backups for your blog content

15. Add/update categories for blog posts

16. Change widgets on the sidebar

17. Create Custom Menu(s)

18. Complete your profile and update Gravatar

19. Install and activate themes

20. Change Admin Email

21. Brand up your wordpress login page

Final words on things to do after installing WordPress

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