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I’m nobody to you, but in four minutes we can establish a connection

I’m a photographer, but I do get in front of the camera sometimes.

I feel ashamed to share my mistakes, but this will save you years

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Show what you’re made of & help the community learn more

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I have been practicing these for years now, it works & extremely difficult

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For bloggers, content writers & everyone who digs up the web for work

researching for blogging
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A personal brand is building a community around ‘one’ belief

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No! You don’t have to set an alarm for everything & stay away from your smartphone

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5 ways I’ve been getting out of writer’s block without even realizing

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It’s a real thing already & there will be an official position in the near future

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5 lessons I learned the hard way on my way to start building a personal brand

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Shubham Davey

Blogging since 2011 | Writing about Blogging, Branding & Marketing | 1.9M views on Quora | | Hit Follow ⤵

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