Get to know about me in under four minutes

I’m nobody to you, but in four minutes we can establish a connection

Shubham Davey
4 min readJan 1, 2021
I’m a photographer, but I do get in front of the camera sometimes.

I’ve been into too many things almost since the time I got into this profession of blogging.

The very first thing I picked up that could’ve been a profession was photography. I almost got into it but then something even more interesting & expressive happened.

It was back in 2010 during my college days, when I saw Dr. John Watson (Google it if you’re not aware of who he is) busy on his laptop. That’s when I heard Sherlock say “blogging” & it immediately caught my attention.

With no resource to know more about it, I slept with the idea of this fancy term. It wasn’t too late when I saw my friend spending time on something called “Blogspot”.

Long story short, my friend helped me set up & understand my Blogspot account. That was in early 2011 that I started blogging. I had absolutely zero ideas about this & how am I going to take this forward. But I did.

I eventually discovered things related to my passion, curiosity drove me & things started taking their course. I got attention, landed a couple of clients & off I went.

It wasn’t very late that I realized that I can build a personal brand out of the work I do. I began by sharing my experience of digital marketing but it didn’t stick on the wall. I had to explore myself even further. I wasn’t able to define myself, because I was into too many things. I need a clear picture, a clear line between everything I did.

I was passionate about photography, cryptocurrency, technology trends & digital marketing. But I needed a purpose to be able to work for years to come. Personal branding gave me that purpose. Purpose keeps you wake up every morning & get out of your bed. Passion is selfish, a purpose puts people ahead of you.

And there it was, after almost a decade long digging, I had my purpose right in front of me. I wanted to help people build a personal brand. I knew people have the wrong mindset & misunderstanding around this topic. I’m not saying I know it all, I’m saying I know I & many people are wrong about personal branding & I’m gonna help them realize by myself realizing it first.

How would I communicate my realization to the people? Blogging, that I spent a decade practicing. I’m a blogger predominantly, I prefer text over any other form of media. While the video is the fastest mode of communication, I still depend on text for promoting it.

Bottom line is, I want people to know me as a blogger talking about things I care about — for now it’s “helping people build a personal brand by cultivating the right mindset in them, beginning with me.”

Why you should define yourself clearly?

It took me a decade to realize that I want to be known as a blogger to people I care about, my audience. If you’re reading this & have not defined yourself as clearly as I have, it’s time you lock yourself in a room without your smartphone or laptop & think about how do you want people to know you.

The underlining definition of my profession is “Cultivating the right mindset for personal branding”. I wanted it to be 3 words, but this is crystal clear, just the way I recommend people wanting to build a personal brand.

With this definition, all my goals are set straight as an arrow & I can now focus on content. I know three of the most fundamental things a personal brand should be aware of:

  1. Who am I creating for?
  2. What is their problem I can solve?
  3. What’s the outcome I want to have for both of us.

You too can have this clarity if you truly define yourself as clear as this. You’ll know it's true when you have a “that’s the one” feeling.

That’s three minutes of your time. If you’ve made it so far, I’m generously thankful to you. We’ll have a long association.

Lastly, you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram in case you have any questions to be addressed. I share a ton of content on these platforms, I’m sure I can add value with that.

P.S: I’m also writing soon to be a daily-ish newsletter for people who want to learn about blogging & building a sustainable personal brand. Both newsletters are for free. They’re an extension of my blogs, condensed version of topics I’ve shared on my blogs & much open-minded by linking to other resources other than my own, to put things in perspective.

I’ll see you around!