Google Adsense auto ads: A powerful way to place ads on your blog

  • Revenue Opportunities: Auto Ads will figure out the available ad space and place new ads there. This is to increase your revenue opportunities drastically.
  • User-friendly: Doesn’t matter if you’re new to coding or complete laymen, this feature requires just copy paste of a small piece of code on all pages. Once ready, you can turn on and off with a flick of a switch — no need to change the code again.

Important things to know before you implement Adsense Auto Ads

If you’ve been using Google Adsense for quite a while, you won’t find it confusing to get started with it. However, for complete beginners here are something you must know before you implement Auto-ads.

  • If you are using Anchor or Vignetter ads, you don’t have to worry anything about it. Auto-ads include these formats along with other additional formats including Text and display, In-feed and matched content ads.
  • If you are using page level ads, you will be automatically migrated to Auto ads without any change in the code to those pages.

How to set up Google Adsense auto ads(Complete guide)

  • Login to your Google Adsense account
  • Go to my Ads > Auto Ads
  • Configure the Global settings
  • Select the ad formats you want to show on your pages by toggling the switches.
  • Click Save.


As mentioned earlier, this is something everyone will adapt to sooner or later. It will take time for everyone to make this switch. Since Adsense auto ads use machine learning, it will only get better with time.



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