How to improve Alexa Rank?

Here’s a list of 7 working tricks to improve Alexa rank, Fast!!

Numbers have been the primary source of growth.

Be it in terms of sales, subscribers, visitors or customers. It is utmost important to grow in terms of conversion. That is where these numbers come handy. Metric that determines how well your website is performing is as important as having a website for your online business is. There are various tools that serve such metrics in various formats. Out of those, we will be talking about Alexa and ways to improve Alexa rank.

No doubt, Google Analytics is a great tool to deal your website data with. But it has its own limitations. You cannot find competitor’s backlinks, neither can you know anything about your competitor. That’s where tools like Alexa come into the picture.

Considering the rich data the tool provides, it definitely becomes important to have a good rank on Alexa. Furthermore, there is always scope to keep improving the rank. This is exactly what we will be seeing in this post.

But, before that, let me answer some basic question you might have in case you are new to this space.

What is Alexa? What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon, hence you know it’s trustable and reliable. Alexa is a single metric that serves you data of your or your competitor’s site. It is a good practice to keep an eye on the competition, in order to not commit mistakes they’re committing. The data you get from Alexa, not only helps you improve Alexa rank but it also helps you overcome the hurdles that are stopping your business from reaching full potential. The overall authority of your site translates to Alexa rank. This is a single entity that runs the whole show.

Furthermore, your Alexa rank is an estimation of how popular your site is. This is in comparison with other similar sites in your niche. One important thing to note in order to improve Alexa rank is, your Alexa rank is dependant on traffic changes to traffic on other sites too.

How does Alexa rank your website?

Alexa is a reputable source to grow your online presence. You can rely on the data it provides and based on that, you can yourself make necessary changes or hire an SEO to do so.

The calculation behind the Alexa rank is pretty straightforward. The system estimates the average daily visitors and pageviews on every site over past 3 months. This basic estimate is then used to rank websites. A website with the highest number of this combination is ranked #1.

Lower the number of this combination, higher is the rank. Higher the rank, lesser is the authority of the website. Lower the authority, less is the impact on the reader. In other words, lower authority means your presence online isn’t appealing — or no appearance at all.

This is because search engines rank the authoritative sites higher, hence higher authority is directly proportional to higher traffic. It is not other way round, i.e. higher traffic site does not become authoritative. You ought to build the authority first (by various means like generating backlinks and delivering highly informative content) and then your site ranks higher.

Many of the new websites might not have rank shown in Alexa dashboard. That’s because no visits have been recorded by Alexa in past 3 months span on those new websites.

How the number of visitors affects your Alexa Rank

As you can see in the graph below, rank first and is at the top of the graph. Undoubtedly, it gets huge traffic — nothing to deny in this. Hence it is ranked #1, thanks to the huge number of visitors and traffic.

It’s important to note that when there’s a small change in visitors on site at the long tail portion of this plot, it results in a huge change in your Alexa rank. If the number of visitors increases the Alexa rank decreases (lower rank the better) and if the number of visitors decreases, the Alexa rank increases.

However, close you get with denser traffic difficult it becomes to rank higher. That is, it’s easier to rank higher 24 millionth rank to 20 millionth — but it’s equally difficult to rank higher 50th rank to 40th. There’s a drastic difference in traffic between a site with Alexa rank 20 and a site with Alexa Rank 100.

Furthermore, you can get more accurate Alexa rank by certifying your site’s metrics on Alexa. If you get your site certified by Alexa, you get the metrics directly measured by Alexa and not an estimate by the system. Needless to say, there are an ample number of benefits of certified site metrics by Alexa.

Why is Alexa Rank Important? What are the benefits of lower Alexa rank?

Alexa is one of the best tools to understand site performance including competitor’s site. Hence maintaining a good rank is a sign of having a good impact on the web with the content you have on your website.

The data you get from Alexa are the gaps or voids you need to fill in order to improve Alexa rank. Using this data, you can not only fill those gaps but also outperform your competition. More you fill these gaps, higher the ranks goes — both globally and country wise.

Alexa helps you understand your site’s performance with the rich data and then take necessary steps to further improve Alexa rank.

  • Keyword matrix
  • Backlink Checker
  • Keyword difficulty tool &
  • On-Page SEO checker

These tools are specifically for improving your site as a whole. However, there are tools purely to understand competitor’s performance and match your performance based on that and Improve Alexa rank.

  • Competitor backlink checker
  • Competitor keyword matrix
  • Sites linking in
  • Site keywords &
  • Audience overlap tool

As already mentioned Alexa rank is a motivator by which you can reach your business goals faster. Alexa is the platform where you can understand what needs to do in order to reach your business goals faster.

Now, you know how important is your Alexa rank and how important it is to improve Alexa rank.

If you’re still reading, first of all, “good choice”, is what I’ll say. Second of all, you’re going to learn 11 best ways to improve Alexa rank of your website.

How to improve Alexa Rank?

You must be finding it difficult to cope up with the competition if you are a beginner. Trust me, it is indeed difficult. Thanks to tools like Alexa, that helps you increase your online presence. Your Alexa rank is a measure of how well your site performing in terms of social presence, visitors and overall performance. There’s always scope to improve Alexa rank which can be done by following these 11 working methods:

#7 Write Engaging Content

By engaging content, I mean to produce content that adds value to your readers. If you are starting from scratch, you might need to work harder to get in front of the right audience.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner if you can add value to the user, no matter how your writing skills are, the search engine will rank your content higher. It just has to be thorough enough to glue the readers on your site. If you serve users everything they are looking for, nothing can stop you from ranking higher. Higher you rank, better you’ll improve Alexa rank of your website.

Ranking high on Alexa is all about getting high traffic.

The thumb rule to improve Alexa rank.

#6 Get highly related Backlinks

Backlinks are #1 factor that Google algorithm uses to rank your webpage(s). Backlinks tell the algorithm(s) that your webpage is authoritative and is the best match for the search query. Higher the number of links linking to your webpage, higher are the chances of your webpage ranking higher in SERPs.

Higher is the rank of a particular webpage, higher will be the traffic. Higher the traffic, higher will be the Alexa rank. If you want to improve Alexa rank, better spend time and efforts on building backlinks.

A few evergreen ways to build backlinks are:

  • Guest posting
  • Commenting
  • Email Outreach
  • Social media marketing &
  • Being active on Forums like Quora, Medium, Stack Exchange, Reddit etc.

#5 Find Keywords that bring high traffic to your competitor’s site

One of the best tools from Alexa that I love is Site Keywords tool. This tool helps you with the keywords your competitors are ranking for. You can quickly tweak your high ranking webpage(s) with these keywords to further boost your ranking.

In case you have some webpage(s) that are not that good in terms of SERP ranking, you can quickly check this tool and make the necessary changes. Once done, you just have to wait and watch.

#Pro Tip: Write evergreen content so that this method will be much more effective.

#4 Understand competitor’s marketing strategy

We are not alone online, having a monopoly online is a myth. If we fail to learn from our competition, we are missing a big chance of growing our business online. Keeping an eye on your competition gives you a clear picture of what your site is lacking. You competition follows certain practices that you aren’t, so competitor analysis helps you avoid those mistakes and take necessary steps.

Matching your site to that of your competition puts your own site into the context hence increasing the scope of improvement. Furthermore, it helps you learn new tactics that you never could’ve learned yourself. All these angles help you make more informed and knowledgeable business decisions.

#3 Follow best SEO practices

Business is a product of disciplined activities for a long period of time. You cannot break certain rules to achieve success.

Same goes for having an online business too. If you want to have an online presence, you cannot deny the SEO best practices. SEO is not just about writing content and promoting it on social media. The content you create must resonate with the user requirements. You cannot simply post content and expect good results. Spend time researching what users are looking for and serve a better version than already existing content for that requirement.

If you are a business owner, you must focus on user experience than having a mobile-friendly site. Undoubtedly, having a mobile-friendly website is important but customer satisfaction is the priority. Blend the SEO best practices with giving a great user experience to your customers is a great way by which you can increase traffic to your website. Furthermore, this will improve Alexa Rank to a great extent.

#2 Write regularly, often

Content marketing is the cheapest and most effective to bring traffic to any webpage. In fact, marketers who blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. Furthermore, it costs them 62% less per lead than any other outbound marketing strategy.

Why not blog then?

If I was powerful enough, I’d spend the whole day blogging. Because that has shown me some remarkable results.

#1 Share content regularly

Sharing means reaching a wider audience. Sharing your content is open-ended and is totally up to your imagination and creativity. No doubt, the platforms you can share your content on is fixed but the way you can share isn’t.

Make a habit of regularly sharing your content on any platform you are comfortable with. This will further help you increase the traffic and improve Alexa rank. Find most creative ways to share your content that will be shared by the readers on those platforms.


Needless to say, Alexa can help you improve your online business’s health in many ways. Better your business performs, better will the stakeholders find your business worthy enough to do business with. Focus to rank at least under 100,000.

I’m sure this guide and tips will surely help you improve Alexa rank to a great extent. Do it right and you will see favorable growth quickly.

However, if your Alexa rank is too poor then it will take a while grow. But these tactics will definitely help improve Alexa rank.

Over to you. How informative you find this guide to be? Which tactic are you going to use and implement first? Let me know in the comment section below.

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