[SEO 2017]- 16 working tips to rank high in SERPs, EASILY!!

How are Google searches ranked?

There are whopping 200 factors that affect the page rank of your posts. But the main functionality is super easy and straight.

#16 Bring the keywords to the front of title tag

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google can find the target keyword in the beginning of the title itself? Google loves front load title tag and upon doing this for your blog posts would help Google to rank your post higher, faster. By doing this you not only place your content on the top of SERP but also you reduce the workload on Google bots. Even if publishers mistakenly happen to place the target keyword in the front, Google would rank them by default.

#15 Have readable URLs, short & sweet

I probably need not emphasize & explain how important is having a readable URLs for your posts/website entities. Here’s the reason, if you have a readable URL one thing is for sure that the user will try going through the URL at least and in case it is readable they will be able to get a gist of what the content is. I personally prefer having short and readable URL as it clearly tells me what am I going to read. Product URLs from shopping sites are classic examples for this.

#14 Use external links

Linking has proven to be the best way to improve ranking. Be it internal linking, external linking or backlinks. The link is the key to success in SEO ranking. Recent Google algorithm update has kept links in the limelight. Hence it becomes utmost important to have external links of high DA/PA/PR which indirectly bring traffic to your site also inform Google about your presence. The skyscraper technique from Brian Dean is a classic example to this.

#13 Welcome crawlers with your target keywords

After crawling the URL the bots begin with your content. And not welcoming the bots with target keywords would be a mistake. The reason to include the target keywords in first few paragraphs is that upon seeing the target keyword the bots flags the page for indexing and hence increasing the chances of being indexed. Also, Google also pays attention to the placement the keywords on a particular page.

#12 DONOT use Text-only posts/pages

We ourselves quit the pages with text-only information. I mean, it sounds so boring if we have to read a text only post. Images keep our brains interested and eager to read further. So having multimedia in your post would be a great idea.

#11 Increase site load speed

This is a genius trick to get the page rank well. This is no direct connection with SEO, it’s just psychology that plays the trick. Do you know that how many visitors are you missing because of high site load speed? And because of which the incoming user is not counted as a +1 user by Google?

#10 Write a mile

With this, I mean to produce long content. Long content is something which naturally includes long tail keywords, short tail keywords, and LSI keywords. If you intend to produce long content you will be forced to have target keywords in various forms, hence covering all possible keyword combinations.

Source: Backlinko

#9 Include modifiers in title tag

Many times we tend to fail to include modifiers in the post and the title tag as they don’t fit into the context of mail content. The longer tail keyword (generally queries) eliminate the possibility of including the modifiers. However including specific modifiers is impossible as they’re unpredictable both by Google (that is why Google has restricted the long tail keyword length to 3–4 words) and yourself.

#8 Include sharing buttons

Again an indirect way to gain traffic is including trending and prominent sharing buttons. Seeing the social sharing buttons invokes a sensation of sharing it immediately (provided the content is good) and hence including all the popular medium to share the content is important.

#7 Pull down bounce rate

Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors bounce back right from the landing page or percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing only one page. If you have a high bounce rate it’s a clear signal to Google that your content is not worth being on top and Google will soon drop your post down to the second or third page.

#6 Use LSI keywords

It’s evident that using keywords is the building blocks of a successful post. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are nothing but synonyms or related keywords to actual keywords. The idea behind using LSI keywords is to cover all possible keywords for the main keyword you are targeting for.

#5 Title tag for high CTR

The other side of low bounce rate is high CTR (click through rate) and the reason being the exact same- to increase the clicks and hence the organic traffic. Now to increase the CTR you must include a number and use braces/parathesis with a keyword(s) in it.

#4 Increase session timings

If a user clicks back button immediately after reaching your page then it indicates Google that your page is of low quality and hence lower your ranking.

#3 Use Internal Links

Internal linking is creating the web of your own domain. Creating internal linkings has so many benefits. It increases session time, it gets you page views, it gets you visitors and helps you increase your revenue or maybe get leads.

#2 Bring sensitive content closer to homepage

Your homepage has the maximum traffic, i.e 90% of the traffic goes through the home page and hence the page you wanna rank well should be nearer to the home page.

#1 Create quality backlinks

Nevertheless, backlinks have been and will be the top most signaling factor to rank any content. So it will be fruitful if you create backlinks from high authority domains. The reason why backlinks have gained so much popularity in recent times (so much that Google rolled out an update



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