What I’ll say to my younger self

Dear myself,

You are young now. I’m writing this for you in advance but you’ll read this when it’s late to realize that you no more are young, you’ll be found by heart. You are into the race which leads nowhere, you’ll be trashed, back stabbed and bullied. I know the future I’ve been through it, let’s relive myself from the scratch. Here’s something for you. Something that I want to tell you out my experience of the future. Here it goes:

  • No marks: Don’t run behind marks, instead create a knowledge base where you no more needed a certificate to prove you’re intelligence. Marks and certificates are achieved but knowledge is gained and seeked.
  • Self Reliant: DO NOT DEPEND ON HUMANS for your success, happiness and mental support. Love them but don’t be dependable. You’re strong enough to fight everything coming your way. Just be determined to fight alone. Humans these days have mastered to betray at times when you need them the most.
  • Read: You will be pushed into a phase where no one care for you. You’ll ne alone, though in crowd. You’ll be pushed down on your knees and be mocked for your bad time. Rise above that and fight it. Read the situation, read minds, read faces. Observation is powerful tool to master the art of winning.
  • You and books: Apart from knowledge books will teach you to be patient, control anger and best part of reading books is it’s two way communication no matter which niche you’re reading, each word will cast tons of memories. That’s enough to smile.
  • Degree: It isn’t everything, don’t let a degree decide the level of your success. Degrees are for recognition not reservation. Holding a top class degree with top class marks doesn’t make you eligible for a job, knowledge does. Gain what’s needed for a job and not what creates a job.
  • Passion: Its worth following, you’ll make wonders if you follow selflessly. You’ll be recognized worldwide if you leave a benchmark in the field of your passion. Once you reach heights don’t allow it to give head weight to you. At heights the kite ought to be lighter to stay there, as soon as it gains weight it flies down uncontrollably.
  • Change: No matter how good you are, you’ll always be replaced. Be it your love life, professional or your friend circle. Don’t worry, legends have been replaced. It’s like this always. Change is the only constant here. If you are adaptable to change you’ll survive. Else you’ll be crushed. Accept it, move on and never think of revenging back for it. Just let it go.
  • Love: Love with all your heart, love once and forever. It doesn’t happen once again, second time is a compromise and compensation. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out to be a successfully together one. Love has no end, relationship do. Don’t stop loving if you lose someone, break ups aren’t license for not loving. Because to love is not to conquer.
  • Forgive: To err is human, let it be. Be brave to forgive and forget but don’t forget things you learned from it. People are never bad, situations are. Change what you can’t ignore or ignore what you can’t change. Don’t let other people control your inner peace.
  • Travel: Life is too short to be spent in one place. Earn a life full of traveling. Earth is very beautiful. Earn a life don’t just live it. Life will give a billion reasons to stay sad and depressed, you give one reason to yourself to smile.

That’s it. It’s all my heart to you. Grow successful and die with at most experiences, as late as possible. Don’t forget to love yourself before you love someone else.

All the best for your future.


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