What marketer should know about the future of travel blogging?

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The world has come to stand still since the outbreak of the Covid-19 & the worst hit industry because of this is traveling.

That’s for all good reasons. Travelling is the core reason why the virus has spread across the globe, but that’s not the topic of discussion for this post.

According to a survey, air travel has dropped by 85% this year. Don’t go by the numbers since the whole globe was in lockdown and the traveling was completely banned.

The most important concern of the people who’re interested in traveling is the safety of their travel.

In fact, searches have increased for the term “Can I travel” by 800% and “is it safe to fly” by 500%.

People are desperately in a need to breath the fresh air feeding their wanderlust. Just when people have got so desperate for moving out, here’s what marketers should know about the desperate measures.

#1 Keep it local

Search trends have shown that people are more interested in traveling to place nearer to their homes. Furthermore, searches for “beach open’, beach rentals & lake house rentals have grown by 3000%, 100%, 200% percent respectively .

If you have a travel blog optimize the relevant blog pages around such keywords. If you don’t have a blog already, you’re losing a lot of money on the table. Get your blog up & running in next 30–45 minutes.

Keeping it local also means to optimize & compete for local search as 64% of US residents who work from home are more likely to book a vacation rentals to nearby locations by end of this year.

Even parents with kids under 18 years of age have showed some early signs of booking a vacation by end of the year.

This is huge for those who’re in travel business & are looking for some good sign for your business.

A blog optimized with all this data in mind is absolute gold to revive the dead blog for good.

#2 Travel guidelines

People who’re interested in traveling are not only searching for the safest options to travel, but also the guidelines to come back safely.

There’s a sharp 90 degree increase in search for queries like travel guideline covid in recent times.

If I were to market a travel business, I would create ebooks containing travel guidelines for specific destinations as upsell the travel packages for optin 1 & 2 or more.

That’s a sales funnel where I can convert quality leads into sales. Not just sales, I get access to their emails where I can keep in touch with offer & packages for future too.

#3 Outdoors within city limits

Searches like “State parks near me” & “Hike near me” are on the rise. This means people are finding it as a escape route as the lockdown are easing off slowly.

This can also be seen as blog post ideas for top cities (with these facilities) in your target country.

Camping is also next thing that’s getting a lot of attention as the camping sites are at least 10 feet apart by default.

Campsite are the easiest & safest escape route for people living in cities with these facilities. You can see this as a blog post idea for your target country.

“Camping near me” is yet another search trend that’s on the rise which can be seen as an opportunity for some serious business.

#4 Road trips are becoming more popular than ever

Road trips has been becoming more popular for obvious reasons like social distancing also you’re in absolute control. 43% of U.S residents have said that they have travelled to meet friends & family.

97% of all trips will be by road this summer in the U.S.

Search data shows that camper vans, & gas station near me, are on the rise.

Here are some ways you can workaround the changed behaviours of consumers.

#1 Find more relevant keywords

I use Ubersuggest (paid version) for keyword & to discover great topics for content marketing.

Source: Ubersuggest

Look at the search volume for this keyword. Next thing I want you to do is click on keyword ideas on the left panel.

This gives you access to over 400 keyword ideas & thousands of related keywords.

Source: Ubersuggest

Create content around these keywords & keep optimizing it for more exposure from the search engines once the keyword data flows in search console after it starts indexing.

#2 Run ads on social media & search engine

People are spending more time on social media than ever. Thanks to work from home that ensure the leisure time is spent on social media.

That’s where you have capture the attention based on interest based targeted ads. Remember the sales funnel I shared above?

Run that funnel as social media ads & run search engine ads for sending quality traffic to the landing pages.

Decide based on search data available in tools like Ubersuggest, SEMrush & Ahrefs.

#3 Create more search engine friendly content

I have shared data that convinces you to create more search engine friendly content. Because people are turning towards search engines to find solutions to their travel related queries like “near me”, “local”, “travel guidelines for covid” & “Social distant traveling” etc.

Use this guide for creating search engine friendly for your travel blog.

TL;DR: Summary

Desperate times need desperate measures. Being hit drastically by pandemic, travel industry needs a revamp.

Maybe this is one of the probable solution.

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